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Bonnet House

Project Size: 
3,500 sq ft
Services Rendered: 
Renovation of the main floor to include kitchen, family room, full bath, radiant heat in the kitchen and plenty of wallpaper removal. Every room had wallpaper.

Bonnet House, built in 1895, was constructed using only cedar and it has stood the test of time beautifully. The basement has a foundation of 8' of stacked marble. Marble was plentiful and inexpensive at that time. Anyway, we took down the wall between the kitchen and dining room. Relocated kitchen cabinets and installed all new appliances. The floor was replaced with porcelain 24' x 24' tiles and radiant heat. There wasn't any heat in the kitchen except for the kick plate heater under the sink. There was an existing half bath off the family room that we turned into a full bath.

The family room had an 8' ceiling with only attic space above. We blew out that ceiling to create a cathedral ceiling.It is now a very large but cozy family room. We added walnut flooring and opened up a staircase in the floor to access the bunk room below. The bunk room was originally accessed throughout the basement, past the furnace etc.. Not the most inviting way to get there. There are three queen beds in a row on platforms and used bolsters to create a massive couch.