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Construction Management

After renovating three projects of my own in Manchester, Vermont, I have learned a lot about the contracting, design, and construction ecosystem in this little corner of the world. I found that I had to work hard to find reliable sub-contractors and use my experience and personality to build dependable relationships. At times I had to work actively to make sure things were getting done correctly and on time in all of my projects. After putting in my time and building my reliable local community, I knew this process was something I could help others with. With a focus on second-home owners, newcomers, and those who don’t have those local connections, I work to provide guidance and support to clients who need it most.

My role as construction manager is to act as the eyes and ears for the client on their project. Whether they are second homeowners who can’t be physically present, or local Vermonters who may not have the energy or expertise to devote to the project, I work with them in tandem to make sure their goals are met no matter the task. Jobs have included full home renovation, simple single-room redesigns, and garden design and installation. Whatever the task or dream may be, we can work in cooperation to realize it.

I work in partnership with clients when making every decision, treating the project as if it were my own, and using my resources and experience when evaluating the value of a purchase or labor estimate. My expertise in home and garden design as well as my insider perspective to the area give me a well-rounded and genuine approach as a project manager.

From accounting to hiring and supervising all the sub-contractors doing the work, I will manage all logistics while keeping the client looped into the process. Because of my experience in the construction world of southern Vermont, clients can count on a reliable work-ethic and a strong sense of priority.